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Do you have a pest infestation? We connect you to Pest Control Specialists who can help exterminate termites, wasps, flies, ants, ticks, cockroaches, rodents, and more! We have helped countess people – business owners  and homeowners alike –   find solutions to pests in their buildings, homes, and yards. 

We are a referral service that connects you to Pest Control Specialists near you. Let our extensive network of professionals and exterminators solve your pest problems so you can enjoy your home or workplace without unwanted intruders! 


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Pests know no limits! They can invade homes and businesses alike, and come in many different types. We connect you to a pest control specialist who can remove these pests, wherever they may be. 


Keep your home safe and pest-free! Connect to specialists who remove home invaders and keep your family's safety in mind!

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Pests don't discriminate! Pest Contol Specialists can remove all types of pests from your place or business, including insect removal, bed bugs, mice and rodents along with termites.

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Pest control is an important practice that ensures that our homes and business premises are safe and enjoyable to live in. Pests can include mice, bed bugs, termites, ants, and much more!

bees and wasps

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Margaret Roberts

Home Owner

Our Pest Control Specialist was well prepared for our larger property and home and needed no guidance on a spray plan for the wasp nest and ant hills in our front and back yards.

Andrew Fox

Business Owner

We had a reoccurring mice infestation in multiple commercial buildings until we called. Our specialist was knowledgeable and got the job done effectively and affordably.